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Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus and Wrench :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 1 0 Spideypool - Roomies :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 3 0 Michael Ealy :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 0 0 Objection! :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 2 0 Objection! :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 2 0 (WIP) Ada Wong - On Death's Door :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 1 0 Superman sketch :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 1 0
(Sterek AU) A Thief in the Night - part 11
    Daybreak had long since shined rays of light down on the world but inside Stiles’ safe house it was dimly lit.
    Stiles sat in a chair inside the dingy hideout, internally berating himself about why he didn't expect Kate to never plan on keeping her word. How could Stiles have believed she’d allow him and Scott to walk free if the thief gave Derek to her. Although, neither did Stiles plan on keeping his word and let her keep Derek. No doubt there are explosives set at Scott’s place if she was planning on tying any loose ends.
    The thief at least had the good sense to warn his father before things went to hell to take himself and Scott’s mother into hiding. But Stiles hadn’t told him why. The thief was already at the edge with Scott’s grave injuries, he couldn’t handle telling the true nature of why everyone close to Stiles needed to crawl under a rock and stay put until it was
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(Sterek AU) A Thief in the Night - part 10
    Through the opening caused by the berserker’s crash, it was a straight shot for Stiles and Derek to the outside world using the waterway. The berserker had fallen into the deep trench of water, sinking to the bottom like a stone.
    “With all of its enhancements, the bitch forgot to add buoyancy to the list.” Stiles had remarked. Who would have thought the towering terror’s greatest weakness would be swimming without a life preserver? But just in case, Stiles threw the last of his charge in his taser into the water. You can never be too safe, right?
    Exiting out of the waterway, they cut across an empty, dark field running towards safety. Derek startles when a light appears out of nowhere shining bright in front of the pair. His eyes beam red ready to cut down anyone in their way. The light ahead is extinguished and Derek can make out the source. Headlights from a car. Not just any car…
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(Sterek AU) A Thief in the Night - part 9
    During his failed recon for a keycard to Derek’s room, Stiles was able to canvass the layout of the facility. With Stiles’ knowledge and the radio stolen from the incapacitated guard allowing them to remain a step ahead of the guards’ movements, it is relatively easy leading Derek to the exit through the maze of corridors and stairwells.
    Their path to freedom leads them into a darkened lab unoccupied by any of Kate’s people. It was where Stiles took the pictures of the tortured werewolves. To Stiles’ dismay, going through here is the only way to escape the facility without being discovered. Multiple guards are stationed at every main exit and a creative alternative is needed.
    The thief detects Derek’s realization of where they are as the werewolf sniffs the air in repulsion. No doubt smelling the heavy dose of death permeating around them. The deceased werewolves are all zipped u
:iconjbworld29:JBworld29 1 0
Mature content
(Sterek AU) A Thief in the Night - part 8 :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 0 0
Mature content
(Sterek AU) A Thief in the Night - part 7 :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 0 0
(Sterek AU) A Thief in the Night - part 6
    It is the second time that night the werewolf awakes groggily - alone once again. At least, Derek is pretty sure it’s still the same night. His sense of time isn’t too reliable presently. The sunset he vaguely recalls during his drunken haze is now pitch black outside the window. A window that is much closer than it should be as lays nestled on the couch. Derek begins piecing together his last memories before he apparently blacked out. He remembers the alcohol… so much alcohol. He remembers Stiles… For all the drinking they did, the werewolf was still able to catalogue every sensation he felt with Stiles. The thief’s scent when Derek nuzzled his neck, the feel of soft skin under his shirt, the lingering taste of Stiles’ burger when they kissed. Suddenly, a shiver runs down Derek’s spine as he thinks back to the distinct lack of alcohol on Stiles’ breath when their tongues were intertwined. Too inebriated and overwh
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(Sterek AU) A Thief in the Night - part 5
    Derek groggily makes his way out of bed to the video intercom of his penthouse. The persistent ringing through his home wakes him out of his much needed rest from a hard night. Hard is putting it mildly. Most people’s definition of a hard night is recovering from a hangover or surviving overtime at work. For Derek, it is surviving fatal gunshot wounds. The amount of trauma his body endured the previous night took its toll on his healing abilities. The long rest leaves Derek almost fully recovered, he looks perfectly fine to anyone else but he can feel he isn’t at his optimum level.
    Derek leans against the wall and pushes the button to the intercom. “Mr Hale, you have a--”
    Derek cuts off the security guard in the lobby. “I distinctly remember telling you not to disturb me for the rest of the day.”
    “Yes sir, sorry but you have a guest. One Mr Kreznik.&
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Mature content
(Sterek AU) A Thief in the Night - part 4 :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 0 0
Mature content
(Sterek AU) A Thief in the Night - part 3 :iconjbworld29:JBworld29 0 0


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